Blossoming Gems

Mawsitsit ,tsavorite ,white sapphire and silver ring.

USD 765.00 Chrysalis Ring

Tsavorite, sapphire, malaia garnet, rhodolite and silver pendant

USD 837.00 Bouquet

Mawsitsit ,tsavorite ,white sapphire and silver pendant.

USD 250.00 Chrysalis Pendant

Chrysoprase,peridot and silver pendant.

USD 494.00 Green Ribbon

Tsavorite, sapphire, malaia garnet, amethyst, moonstone , topaz and silver pendant

USD 1300.00 Perching Bird

Opal,sapphire,citrine,topaz and silver pendant

USD 680.00 Sunset Hyssop

Moonstone,sapphire and silver pendant.

USD 525.00 Estrella

Chrysoprase,rhodolite,topaz and silver ring.

USD 646.00 Lime Skipper

Rose quartz,sapphire and silver pendant.

USD 450.00 Rosetta

Rhodolite, freshwater pearl, tsavorite  and silver pin.

USD 599.00 Vine Flower

Rhodolite,pearl and silver ring.

USD 199.00 Spring Fling

Sapphire, ruby and silver ring.

USD 375.00 Passion Flower

Quatz, rhodolite, sapphire, tsavorite  and silver pin.

USD 799.00 Fantasy Flower

Sapphire, rhodolite, ruby and silver earring.

USD 450.00 Appoggiatura

Amethyst, sapphire and silver ring.

USD 399.00 Beau Tie

Rhodolite and silver pendant

USD 125.00 Bunch of Grapes

Tsavorite and silver ring.

USD 240.00 Tsavorite Leaf
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