Ere de Decadence

An iconic triple strand akoya pearl, diamond, and blue sapphire princess necklace evokes the timeless elegance of old-world couture. The perfectly balanced necklace is composed of hand-picked, carefully graded round white akoya pearls that shimmer with rose overtones that are articulated by a detachable 18K white gold pendant style unheated Umba sapphire and diamond clasp. The three strands are composed of over two hundred individually knotted genuine Japanese Akoya pearls - the hallmark of classic quality and grace with their thick nacre and rich deep lustre. Surrounded by top quality VVS diamonds, the colors of the sapphire and the pearls blend perfectly creating an exceptionally beautiful and refined necklace. Genuinely investment grade, this unique and magnificent jewel is composed to be handed down from one generation to the next.

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Akoyas pearl necklace, sapphire, white diamond and white gold

Akoyas pearl necklace, sapphire, white diamond and white gold

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Akoyas pearl princess necklace
SKU : Y50-00680
Length : 44.5cm
Alloy : 18K white gold
Weight : 9gr
Fineness : 750
Plating : Rh (rhodium)
Finishing : High polish
Natural round akoya pearls
Variety : Akoya Pearl
Number of Tahitian Pearls: 213pcs
Shape : Round
Length : 5.8mm
Width : 5.8mm
Surface marks : Clean
Uniformity : Good
Luster : Good
Natural round white diamonds
Variety : Diamond
Number of Diamonds: 74pcs
Total weight : 1.06cts
Variety of work : Faceted
Setting : Prong
Shape : Round
Length : 1.5mm
Width : 1.5mm
Cut style : Brilliant
Clarity : VVS1
Color : G (Near Colorless)
Center natural oval sapphire cabochon
Variety : Sapphire
Number of Sapphires: 1pcs
Total weight : 11.58cts
Variety of work : Cabochon
Setting : Bezel
Shape : Oval
Length : 13.8mm
Width : 10.9mm
Clarity : Slightly included

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