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A gem Madagascar color change garnet is set in a vintage Georgian style period ring from the early 1800’s. With a strong and attractive color change, the center stone will appear bluish in the early morning and red in the late afternoon. This elegant piece will be a pleasure to wear and to watch as the colors change throughout the day. To discuss a center gemstone variation or other customization options, please call us or use the Ask a Question option below. Final price is subject to change due to the selected customization or center gemstone options.

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Color change garnet and white diamond gold ring.

Color change garnet and white diamond gold ring.

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White gold designer ring
SKU : Y50-00048-4
Width : 2.3mm
Alloy : 18K white gold
Weight : 2.84gr
Fineness : 750
Plating : Rh (rhodium)
Finishing : High polish
Center natural oval color change garnet
Variety : Color Change Garnet
Number of Color Change Garnets: 1pcs
Total weight : 1.01cts
Variety of work : Faceted
Setting : Channel
Shape : Oval
Length : 6.1mm
Width : 5mm
Depth : 3.8mm
Cut style : Step
Clarity : Slightly included
Color : vstgB 7/2 (dark very strongly greenish blue)
Secondary color : rP 5/3 (medium reddish purple)
Side natural round white diamonds
Variety : Diamond
Number of Diamonds: 6pcs
Total weight : 0.06cts
Variety of work : Faceted
Setting : Prong
Shape : Round
Length : 1.3mm
Width : 1.3mm
Cut style : Brilliant
Clarity : VVS
Color : G (Near Colorless)

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