Sapphire,topaz,chrome tourmaline,peridot and silver bracelet.

USD 980.00 Black Duck

Peridot and silver bracelet

USD 390.00 Crazy Carp
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Sapphire,topaz,amethyst,peridot and silver bracelet.

USD 810.00 Vineyard

Chrysoprase, peridot, amethyst, sapphire, tsavorite and silver ring.

USD 790.00 Cornucopia
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Green peridot gold ring.

USD 572.00 Nature's Truth

Quartz, peridot and silver ring.

USD 521.00 Fugu

Chrysoprase,peridot and silver pendant.

USD 454.00 Green Ribbon

Peridot and silver pendant.

USD 240.00 Twisted Fish

Chrysoprase,peridot and silver ring.

USD 600.00 Shades of Green

Green peridot and white diamond gold ring.

USD 1030.00 Nature's Force
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