Zircon gemstone jewelry

Blue zircon gold ring.

USD 605.00 Sky Simplicity

Blue zircon , white diamond and white gold ring.

USD 1278.00 Blue Monk
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Zircon and white gold stud earrings.

USD 319.00 Sunflowers

Blue zircon and yellow gold stud earrings.

USD 173.00 Blue Bells
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Quartz, zircon, rhodolite, sapphire, peridot, tsavorite and silver pendant

USD 630.00 Fiesta

Quartz, zircon, rhodolite, sapphire, chrome tourmaline, tourmaline and silver pendant

USD 410.00 Serpent Snack

Quartz, rhodolite, zircon and silver pendant

USD 359.00 Seascape

Zircon and yellow gold stud earrings.

USD 199.00 Bussara

Amethyst,turquoise,zircon and silver ring.

USD 197.00 Turquoise forest
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Blue zircon and yellow gold ring.

USD 4064.00 Peony
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