Mawsitsit gemstone jewelry

Mawsitsit ,tsavorite ,white sapphire and silver ring.

USD 765.00 Chrysalis Ring

Mawsitsit ,tsavorite ,white sapphire and silver pendant.

USD 250.00 Chrysalis Pendant

Mawsitsit and silver ring.

USD 220.00 Chamelia

Mawsitsit  and silver necklace

USD 450.00 Joie de Vivre

Quartz, rhodolite, mawsitsit, sapphire and silver pendant

USD 399.00 Silver Gecko

Mawsitsit silver cufflink.

USD 299.00 Jungle Gem

Mawsitsit silver pendant

USD 399.00 Chameleon

Mawsitsit,white sapphire,rhodolite and silver earrings.

USD 899.00 Poinsettia

Mawsitsit silver cufflink.

USD 317.00 Green Sleeves
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Green mawsitsit necklace

USD 250.00 Kermie's Girl
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