Jewelry priced $200 - $399

Rhodolite,pearl and silver ring.

USD 240.00 Venus flower

Peridot and silver bracelet

USD 390.00 Crazy Carp
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Aquamarine, peridot, amethyst, topaz and silver ring.

USD 350.00 Aquarian Lake

Mawsitsit ,tsavorite ,white sapphire and silver pendant.

USD 225.00 Chrysalis Pendant

Rhodolite, hessonite, chrysoprase, moonstone, sapphire and silver earring.

USD 299.00 Rock Candy Earrings

Rhodolite, hessonite, chrysoprase, moonstone, sapphire and silver ring.

USD 363.00 Rock Candy

Chrysocolla quartz,tsavorite  and silver earrings.

USD 230.00 Delilah

Peridot and silver pendant.

USD 240.00 Twisted Fish

Topaz,sapphire and silver ring

USD 390.00 West Coast
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Intarsia and silver earrings.

USD 200.00 Intarsia
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Raindrops of white, pink and black mabe pearls in an opera style necklace USD 290.00French Vanilla Moonstone, sapphire, tsavorite, amethyst and silver ring. USD 650.00Amalthea Green tsavorite and white diamond gold ring. USD 1900.00Natural Light Red sapphire silver pendant USD 225.00Rose Drops Sapphire,topaz,amethyst,tsavorite and silver bracelet. USD 675.00Grazing Rabbits
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