Blossoming Gems

Tsavorite, sapphire, malaia garnet, amethyst, moonstone , topaz and silver pendant

USD 1170.00 Perching Bird

Quatz, rhodolite, sapphire, tsavorite  and silver pin.

USD 860.00 Fantasy Flower

Mawsitsit ,tsavorite ,white sapphire and silver ring.

USD 770.00 Chrysalis Ring

Tsavorite, sapphire, malaia garnet, rhodolite and silver pendant

USD 757.00 Bouquet

Moonstone, sapphire, tsavorite, amethyst and silver ring.

USD 650.00 Amalthea

Chrysoprase,rhodolite,topaz and silver ring.

USD 630.00 Lime Skipper

Opal,sapphire,citrine,topaz and silver pendant

USD 620.00 Sunset Hyssop

Rhodolite, freshwater pearl, tsavorite  and silver pin.

USD 499.00 Vine Flower
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Moonstone,sapphire and silver pendant.

USD 475.00 Estrella

Chrysoprase,peridot and silver pendant.

USD 454.00 Green Ribbon

Chalcedony, sapphire and silver ring.

USD 450.00 New Born

Sapphire, rhodolite, ruby and silver earring.

USD 450.00 Appoggiatura

Rose quartz,sapphire and silver pendant.

USD 405.00 Rosetta

Amethyst, sapphire and silver ring.

USD 400.00 Beau Tie

Sapphire, ruby and silver ring.

USD 360.00 Passion Flower

Tsavorite and silver ring.

USD 240.00 Tsavorite Leaf

Rhodolite,pearl and silver ring.

USD 240.00 Venus flower

Mawsitsit ,tsavorite ,white sapphire and silver pendant.

USD 225.00 Chrysalis Pendant

Rhodolite,pearl and silver ring.

USD 190.00 Spring Fling

Rhodolite and silver pendant

USD 105.00 Bunch of Grapes
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