Moonstone gemstone jewelry

Moonstone, sapphire, tsavorite and silver ring.

USD 425.00 Strawberry Field

Moonstone, sapphire, tsavorite, amethyst and silver ring.

USD 650.00 Amalthea

Moonstone,sapphire and silver ring.

USD 446.00 Mermaid Moon

Moonstone, sapphire, malaia garnet and silver pendant.

USD 911.00 Pauli's Girl

Topaz, moonstone and silver pendant

USD 545.00 Silver Moon Pendant

Topaz, moonstone and silver ring

USD 810.00 Silver Moon

Moonstone,sapphire and silver pendant.

USD 475.00 Estrella

Moonstone,sapphire and silver earring.

USD 400.00 Tangieres

Moonstone,sapphire and silver earring.

USD 429.00 Honeymoon

Moonstone,sapphire and silver ring.

USD 380.00 Lunar Light
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