Spinel gemstone jewelry

Quartz,sapphire,tsavorite,spinel and silver ring.

USD 475.00 Night Bird

Sapphire, spinel and silver bracelet.

USD 810.00 A Couple of Birds

Quartz, spinel, sapphire and silver ring.

USD 535.00 Night Owl

Pink spinel and yellow gold ring.

USD 1150.00 Impassioned Embrace
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Purple spinel gold ring.

USD 2290.00 Pure Passion

Spinel ,white diamond and gold ring.

USD 1800.00 Color Burst

Spinel ,white diamond and white gold ring.

USD 2200.00 Sweet William

Spinel cabochon,white diamond and white gold ring.

USD 6106.00 Inner Glow
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Spinel cabochon,white diamond and white gold earrings..

USD 3600.00 Serenata

Sapphire, tsavorite ,spinel and silver ring.

USD 510.00 Smiling Pumpkin
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