Tsavorite and white diamond gold ring.

USD 2617.00 African Safari
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Green tsavorite gold pendant

USD 872.00 After Eight

Moonstone, sapphire, tsavorite, amethyst and silver ring.

USD 650.00 Amalthea

Tsavorite and white gold earrings.

USD 156.00 Ashante's Selection
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Tsavorite and yellow gold earrings.

USD 152.00 Ashante's Selection

Sapphire,tsavorite,mali garnet and red gold ring.

USD 2008.00 Be Jeweled
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Quartz, ruby, sapphire, tsavorite and silver pendant

USD 429.00 Big Bird

Tsavorite, sapphire, malaia garnet, rhodolite and silver pendant

USD 757.00 Bouquet

Sapphire, tsavorite and silver earring.

USD 208.00 Butterfly Chain
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Green tsavorite and white sapphire gold pendant

USD 477.00 Chain Reaction
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