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David Wein is an online fine jewelry store associated with Multicolour.com, an online gemstone retailer founded by David Weinberg, a gemologist who graduated from the GIA in 1981. Originally a petroleum geologist, David switched to gemstones in the early 1980´s. He is married to a Thai artist and lives in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok and has been involved in the cutting and wholesaling of gemstones for the past 28 years.

Distinctive packagingAll jewelry sold by David Wein comes carefully arranged in either a soft blue jewel box or a plush blue fabric pouch tucked inside a distinctive DW gift box.
Distinctive packaging

Jewelry is a universal form of self expression. The design and creation of jewelry and the sheer scope of the styles and available raw materials present a challenge to any artist. Its timeless beauty and personal nature make it uniquely satisfying to create and to wear. For gemstone jewelry, there is no single manufacturing approach that works best. While many jewelers select the designs and then search for stones to fill them, others find the stones first and then use them as an inspiration to create their design. Either method will work and both have advantages and drawbacks.

Our background is gemstones. After almost 30 years of buying, collecting, cutting, selling, appreciating, and studying gemstones, jewelry is a natural outgrowth of our gemological endeavors. Although some collectors only want faceted gems or crystals, most people ultimately want their gemstones to create an individual statement in the form of jewelry. We select the stones and then create the design. We cannot cast and create multiples of each style because every stone is different and we don´t calibrate them to fit the setting. Our approach highlights the qualities of each individual gemstone to create a personalized design that enhances and respects the integrity of the stone. Although this approach is much more labor intensive, it is in reality the only feasible approach for fine gemstone jewelry.

Fine jewelry is an art. If it isn´st created with a passion for excellence, there is no point in it at all. With a commitment to quality, detail and originality our mission is to create designs - some original and some more classical that highlight the stones with fashion and grace. All of our high end pieces are manufactured here in Bangkok under strict supervision and quality control.

From diamonds, rubies, and sapphires, to alexandrites, spinels and tsavorites, our center stones highlight the creations. Although every gemstone is not perfect or flawless in nature they are all unique in their own way and can be used to create an infinite range of styles in a multitude of colors. Jewelry can be serious or fun and the davidwein.com website is our outlet for expression and creativity. The styles are a reflection of ideas from our customers, staff, and local artisans.

In a truly international city like Bangkok, we´ve had the opportunity to assimilate our styles absorbing ideas and culture from both east and west. With a pool of talent from local jewelers and goldsmiths along with a vibrant market for gemstones and jewelry, Bangkok is at the fore front of the colored stone and jewelry business.

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